Heletia Tiermeca va Isnar

Heletia, 21 years of age, is the only surviving child to va Isnars, and grew up in the midst of a busy family-run textile merchant business. At age 13 she was accepted to an art school alongside Duilio, and displayed early interest towards painting scenes of religion and mythology, a craft traditionally exclusive to men. Her calmness is often mistaken for shyness, and her lack of smiles for rudeness.


Duilio Menet Inektut-hseh Iltagor

The oldest child to a prosperous immigrant family from Delahkar, and the heir to the family's wool export business, Duilio is turning 21 and expected to fulfill his familial duties sooner rather than later. Resourceful, charming and painfully fashionable, Duilio hates the smell of wool and will rather spend his days at the art studio, painting portraits and cameos for commissioners, which the charming fellow has no trouble coming by.


Velut Agaan

Velut is the 22-year-old second son to a printmaker, living with and helping his father and brother with the print shop. A mental prodigy, he graduated the University of Osk with top grades a year back, but has since found himself drifting between working at his father's shop and practicing painting at the art studio under Heletia's tutelage. Attentive to noticing injustices around him, Velut is quick and sharp with his words in the morning, but finds himself struggling with ennui and melancholy in the evening.